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Oh No he DIDN’T just say that…

Let me set the scene for you.

I had just finished a long, busy day caring for kids in the daycare, and had made my way to the kitchen to make some dinner for my family. My youngest, eight year old Gino, came in and sat down at the table, and started chatting with me. Before long he had brought up the subject of my blog. I hadn’t specifically mentioned to him that I had started this blog, but he had seen my Facebook page, This Wicked, Wonderful World by Jill Palilla, a couple of weeks back and was just a tiny bit fascinated by it, because he has a true love for writing stories (which are pretty darn impressive, if I say so myself), and I think that in his mind, my blogging catapults me into a status of sorts.

Like as in  Wonder Woman type status.  And I am okay with that 🙂

He seems particularly interested in the fact that I like to write about everyday life as I know it, by sharing things that happen to me or our family, as opposed to how he uses his wild imagination to write very detailed and entertaining fiction stories.

He asked how I decided what I was going to write about, and I explained that sometimes it’s simply something funny that has happened that I think other people might enjoy hearing about, or it might be something more serious that is on my mind often, or a part of my everyday life that I struggle with–and sometimes writing about it helps me “figure it out” in a different way. He seemed to get that…. Maybe even more than I realized.

So as we’re chatting, he says this….”Hey mom, I have an idea for something you can blog about. You could talk about how you never are able to get all of the dishes done at one time. You know, like how you’ll start to do them and then go do something else before you finish the big pans and stuff?”

What?! What did he just say? Oh NO, he DIDN’T just say that.


Well. Reeeeeeaaalllly. That kid has a lot of nerve. Who does he think he IS telling me that I need to BLOG about the fact that I can’t seem to get ALL of the dishes done at one time?! I mean, seriously, does he see all of the work that I have to do around here? I’m only one person, for crying out loud.  And BY THE WAY, Mister, those pots and pans NEED to soak overnight! …..


Okay. Perhaps he had unknowingly hit a nerve.

One of the touchiest, most sensitive nerves that I have. Because he’s right. I almost NEVER finish all of my dishes at one time. It drives me crazy about myself that I do it. I KNOW this about myself, and I always tell myself to just finish the darn dishes, already.

But sometimes I just don’t want to. Yeah, that’s embarrassing.

And even more often than me simply not wanting to do them, THIS happens:

I’m washing the dishes and I remember that I need to switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer, so I stop the dish washing to do that. While I’m in the laundry room, I see Gino’s basketball jersey and it reminds me that I need to check to make sure that his basketball shoes are in his bag for the game. I am on my way to look for his game bag and as I walk through the living room, I see little pieces of paper and debris on the carpet from a project that 11007632_10200158613324101_129608837_nVincent was working on, and remember that I need to fix the sweeper and get that cleaned up. I detour to where the sweeper is sitting, turn it over and realize that I need a screwdriver to take the bottom off, so I go to the basement to get a screwdriver. While I’m down there, I catch a glimpse of a box containing files with old receipts and bills, which then starts me thinking that I need to get bills paid, and I’m sure by now you probably already know that I never go back to finish the dishes. It’s Attention Deficit Cleaning Disorder at it’s finest. I AM the poster child for this. I admit it. It’s a big problem.

But let’s be honest. The truth hurts, doesn’t it?

You MAY have your defenses beefed up to a level of such high beefiness that you don’t let your truths hurt you, they just anger you. I, my friends, have been guilty of THAT for many, many years when it comes to the matter of me hating, despising, and ignoring the task of washing (and finishing) the dishes. Just ask my significant other, he will attest to the fact that we’ve had more than one heated discussion about it…. I’m not proud. And then there’s the fact that he’s rather OCD about things being neat and orderly, and let’s face it…I’M NOT. You can see the struggle there, right?

And then, (as I found out last night), out of the blue, for some reason the same truth you’d be presented with many times and were simply angered by, hits that one oh so sensitive nerve and the pain is shocking. Because that particular nerve is directly linked to the PRIDE. And suddenly you know. You need to change so that your truth isn’t something that hurts anymore. It’s funny how suddenly something clicks and you realize that, even though it’s been put in front of you so many times.

I finally can admit that I need to work on this. He was right.

But before my mind processed all of that, though, I was still in the “Oh NO he DIDN’T say that”  emotional state, and I had promptly told Gino that YES, in fact the dishes WOULD all be finished at one time tonight, and this is why:


**As a side note, and a subject matter for another day, he is incredibly intelligent but REALLY needs schooled in WHAT NOT TO SAY TO WOMEN 101.


Disclaimer: No children were injured in the washing of these dishes.


Jill ❤

Can we talk about laundry for just a minute?

I’m pretty good about checking pockets before doing laundry. But every once in a while, I have to admit that I slip up. You’ve got to agree, though, some of those cargo pants and shorts have ALOT of pockets. If I’m in a hurry I may miss those side pockets down near the knee that can hide all sorts of items capable of causing laundry catastrophies…

For instance just a few weeks ago, I opened the dryer door to find sticks of winterfresh gum nicely melted onto an entire load of clothes. Don’t judge me when I tell you I chose to just close that dryer door and walk away for a little while because I simply didn’t want to deal with it right at that moment….Ok, I didn’t want to EVER deal with it. I considered just taking a garbage bag into the laundry room and putting the contents of the dryer into the bag, and let the garbage man deal with it. Looking back on it, I’m pretty sure it would’ve been easier to have had to go buy all new stuff rather than sit there for hours and peel that gum off of all of that laundry. It was painful. You can’t even imagine how far and wide that pack of gum could spread itself…never again.

On the flipside, sometimes there’s a sweet surprise when you open that washer lid and see nice wet green dollar bills laying against the washer tub wall…finders keepers, losers weepers…that’s what I’ve always said. Even nicer when you don’t find them till you open the dryer door and they’re laying in there with the clothes all nice and dry, curled up and just waiting for you, like a tip for doing such a great job at getting the laundry done. I know it always makes me feel better about folding that laundry and putting it away after I find that surprise tip with it…

Then there are the times you do such a good job at checking the pockets that you find things you really wish you had never known about…like that time I put my hand in the pocket of a pair of jeans of Gino’s and found several earthworms that he had been rescuing from the sidewalk after a nice hard rain. I can safely say that after that special encounter,  I really have never wanted to put my hand into another pocket of anything that that child has ever worn. I’m straight up afraid. I’d rather take my chances of another melted gum disaster over the alternative of finding some sort of creepy, crawly, slimy rescued creature in there….Lord have mercy on me.

Which may explain why I found this in the washer tonight: 10961879_10200138785788425_2072246051_nAt Gino’s request, we had dinner Friday night at the Chinese Buffet (and just so you can imagine him asking me to take him there, he pronounces it as if Jimmy Buffet had a brother named Chinese. Chinese Buffet. No matter how many times I tell him, “it’s buff-AY, with a long a sound at the end”, he still says buff-et…lol. Not important to know, but for some reason funny as heck to me…hehe) Anyway, my best guess is that Gino decided to bring home the crab claw he had been playing with after he dug the crab meat out. He asked me if he could bring it home and I said no, because it will stink. And to be honest, Gino and Vincent are stinky enough without having empty seafood carcasses laying around the house (they can be so disgusting and that’s a topic for another day…boys are so dang stinky. For real, they are….) So I’m thinking Gino thought the problem with the stinky crab claw would be solved by having it washed with the laundry… And so it was.

Don’t you just love life’s little surprises? Even something as silly as this? I do. Well, except that earthworm surprise…I did NOT love that one…

So your tip of the day: Check those pockets friends–if you dare, that is. 🙂

Cheers and happy laundering,

Jill ❤